“How much should I budget for flowers and decor?”

We get asked this often. Pricing is just as unique as your wedding/event. It is difficult to pin an exact number to cover your floral and decor total. This, of course, can vary depending on what you are wanting and needing out of the experience. One couple may want specialty linens, large arrangements for the reception, and more expensive flower varieties. While another might be utilizing linens provided by the venue and want a more simple centerpiece. Another example is that one couple may have 500 guests and eight bridesmaids while another might have only 150 guests and four bridesmaids.

It is important to know that we are here to help guide you through the process. We will find the exact combination of elements to maximize your overall vision and budget. It all starts with a consultation; so give us a call and let’s dive into the details!

“How do you pronounce Meraki and what does it mean?”

MER-AH-KI, a Greek word that means when you do something with soul, creativity, and/or love. When you put “something of yourself” into the things you do.

When we were looking for a business name, this word stuck out to us. It accurately describes us and what we give to the business. We put all of ourselves into creating the special events for our clients.

“Do you have rental items?”

Yes! We offer over 100 unique decor options to choose from. We take pride in having up to date inventory that keeps up with the ever changing trends. We are excited to say that we have different services available for our rental clients. You can do the traditional rent-an-item and decorate yourself. Or for a small consultation fee we can help make your vision come to life and you are still able to decorate yourself with our guidance. All rental items are available for viewing by appointment only at this time. Contact us today and make your event become the beautiful day you deserve!

“Do you offer floral design services?”

Absolutely! We are passionate about this part of our business and the services we are able to provide to our clients. We utilize wholesalers in Texas and California as well as local growers to provide the highest quality flowers. Our designs are limitless and we love to create arrangements from prom flowers to wedding bouquets and everything in between.

“Do you travel?”

Of course we do! Whether the event is local or on a tropical beach, we will be there! Our warehouse is located at 922 N. Main St. Perryville, Missouri. This is where the goodies are stored and our consultations are held.