Debbi Steinbecker

This is the best group of ladies ever! I wondered at the beginning I don’t need a wedding planner! OMG was I wrong she was like my guardian angel when I would freak out about things like weather and how we are going to get 250 people in my driveway and back porch she had all the answers! The day of the wedding I was a mess until I saw Paula in my garage ready to go at 6 am! I was almost in tears I was freaking out about the rain in forecast! She looked at me and said “WE GOT THIS!” It was like the weight was lifted off my chest ! She did amazing they did not stop all day ! So when you think you don’t need a planner, think again it was the best thing about the wedding, not worrying about the tables or flowers they took care of everything so I could enjoy watching everyone at the wedding! Sorry such long post I would give a million stars ⭐️ if I could! Thanks to them I made it through a wedding at my house ! The flowers on the cake where beautiful and can’t wait to see the pictures !!